Business Area
Since 2004, we have been selected as the product supplier for the new and latest signal system of the ATP system project of European ETCS standards administered by Korea Railroad. Having been acknowledged for the continued technological superiority and stability of our products, we have secured our position as the leading company in the areas of domestic railway vehicle-related equipment.
Prior to application of new technologies in the areas of railways in Korea, we are supplying our products to the latest linear motor cars implemented with domestic technology.
Also, we are participating in an offshore export project of domestic vehicle manufacturers by supplying our products.
In addition, we are supplying recording units and display units for the newest electric locomotives. As illustrated above, we have great pride in being a part of the advancement of the Korean railway industry.
In terms of domestic localization of our products, we are receiving active technical support through close cooperation with a German manufacturer.
Through these efforts, we are devoted to continuously supplying the newest and most advanced railway vehicle-related solutions in the Korean market.
Having succeeded in the development of access point to support wireless Bluetooth, we have completed testing for Shanghai Telecom of China, etc.
In relation to the areas of IT industry, we are continuously pursuing development of and investment for new items and business markets.