About the companyMessage from the CEO
Saeyeong Technology would like to share with you the hope and energy of new life as it freshly sprouts under the warmth of the spring sun.

We endeavor to become an organization where everyone respects the capacities and strengths of each other, and where individual integrity is held in high esteem. Also, we will continue pursuing our mission and various goals in an environment of ‘respect’ and ‘cooperation’ with each other, as well as to ‘draw conclusions from facts’ through each individual’s ‘changes and advancement’. In this way, we will ultimately advance as a model company in Korea which is equipped with the capacities and spirits to serve the community and the entire human race.

With honesty, sincerity, rationality and courtesy as our most prioritized philosophies in assisting our customers, we will continuously exert our best effort to provide you with satisfaction and the best of the results.

We will continue developing ‘Saeyeong Technology’ into a company which will be loved and admired by everyone.

Thank you.